The Philosophy and technology behind smooth natural product.

Brand Philosophy

Smooth-E is recognised by customers as high-quality cosmeceutical products recommended by doctors and pharmacists. State-of-the-art medical technology is used to constantly improve and develop Smooth-E products. With cosmeceutical technology widely accepted among the medical and pharmaceutical professions as well as the public, Smooth-E products hold the number one sales position in pharmacies nationwide.

Product Philosophy

Smooth-E’s brand building utilises various advertising media, product samples, point of purchasing promotion material such as brochures, promotion through trade channels such as pharmacies and clinics, promotion through professionals such as doctors and pharmacists to recommend the product, as well as the company’s own sales representatives to communicate its product quality to customers. Research and development and product testing for efficacy and safety in collaboration with medical institutes and hospitals which is later published in medical and pharmaceutical journals also promotes the brand. The company also sponsors concerts and essay contests about taking care of one’s skin among high schools countrywide, and has launched a redemption campaign for loyal customers of Smooth-E products and a lucky draw for Smooth-E Cream and Smooth-E Babyface Foam customers.